Marcy NS-716R Review
Marcy NS-716R Review

Marcy is a well-known manufacturer of home exercise in many years. It has reputation for its recumbent product line, which I was under the demand to purchase one. My demand is a multi-use purpose bike for my family with as compact design as possible. I found this NS-716R model with quite a lot positive reviews for its quiet and smooth operation, together with low-impact resistance feature, which could be suitable for my parents.

Let’s dive into things.

Marcy NS-716R Review



Within a glance, the NS-716R bike has modern look: the frame in black color and an outstanding yellow Marcy logo by the pedals. Marcy warranties its product to be free of defects; indeed, the packaging is minimally damaged that can not cause any shipman or delivery defect to the bike frame. It has quite detailed instruction, step-by-step and easy to follow. Just read carefully and not skip the step, otherwise you might be freaked out and lost. There is only one difficult part of connecting the wires, I got confused between the illustration pictures and description. However, the general assembly is easy, if you get another one to help you, that’s perfect, otherwise it does not matter. It took me 1 hour assembly, not so long since the toughest one has been pre-assembled.

Marcy NS-716R Review

The NS-716R is recumbent design, which is the most common and famous model from Marcy. It has basically pedals, LCD screen, seat pad and backrest, together with handlebars to better remain balance. It is different from upright version at biking position, in which users stretch out their legs horizontally while leaning on backrest. In this recumbent model, any stress on back and hip is reduced to zero, providing the most comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

In addition, there are some noticeable features in this NS-716R: foam-covered handlebars, ergonomically designed seat. Another attracts me is the cup holder, which seems to be quite convenient during exercise. However, in fact, this holder is quite small and cannot afford even standard size water bottle. That leaves me a bit disappointment.




The capacity is 300lbs maximum as standard for recumbent product line from Marcy. This is an enough capacity fitting almost kinds of users. Those who don’t have much time such as housewives, home freelancers or who have special condition and hardly leave the home like disabled, patients under recovery can all make us of this convenient bike to improve their health. 300lbs is also enough for obese, overweight people to use as their daily workout. Although 300lbs is the maximum capacity but actually, the manufacturer does extend the limit a little bit for a few pounds, so it does not matter if you weight more than 2 or 3 pounds. As long as it is not so much as 350lbs weight, you will be fine. My cousin used to weight 305lbs but still use the bike well, now he is 280lbs, incredible!


The bike frame is sturdy, despite its compact design. I use it almost everyday and apparently, there is no sign of falling apart or strange sounds inside. I guess it can last for at least a few years now with the same workout intensity.


Resistance level


This recumbent bike has 8 different preset levels for diverse training purpose. It is easy to adjust among the levels by using adjustment knob on the front post. There is direction showing which side is increase or decrease, very easy to follow without manual. Although it has 8 levels of resistance, the bike is designed for low-impact workout; hence, those who are expecting a hard training with this one may be disappointed due to quite light and low amount of resistance. My grandmother is under a knee replacement recovery, she works everyday with resistance level 1 according to her physician therapist’s consultancy. Indeed, while riding on this bike, knees and ankles are put under relatively low stress, which is suitable for those with knee and hip pre-existing problems. Meanwhile, it still create impact on leg muscle and stimulate the recovery, strengthening process.


Nevertheless, it does not mean that user with normal training purpose cannot use the bike. People want to burn fat and lose some weight can make the best use of it. Just get on and set the resistance at average level of 4 or 5, the main point is speed and distance cycling. The further you ride, the more calories will be burned.


Workout metrics


The bike has a 3.5-inch LCD screen to show all the workout metrics during exercise. It is set on the user’s eye level, suitable for riding and reading the data at the same time without difficulty or effort. The number is showed in big and clear display. However, it would be meaningless if exercising in low-light condition as there is no LED light underneath. There are 3 function button: SET, MODE and RESET. The computer will automatically work when press any button or start to pedal. “Mode” is used to select among function, such as speed, distance, calories or “scan mode” – automatically switch among metrics every 4 seconds; “Set” the value of exercise, e.g 60 minutes biking, 10 miles cycling, etc; “Reset” to set all the data to zero. For instance, after a week, you record all the data and compare with the goal, then use this function to reset all data to use for the coming week. But make sure you have noted down all the necessary figures before reset.

Marcy NS-716R Review

Depending on workout purpose that user can choose to show what type of metric. If you are improving stamina, focus on time and distance travelled every exercise day. If you want to lose some weight, set your target calories burned every day and keep an eye on Calories data while cycling.


The screen runs by 2 1.5V-size (AA) batteries, which can last about 3 months with daily use. They are not included in the package so you may need to buy them in advance of assembly.


Seat and backrest


As recumbent design aims at providing the most comfortable riding experience, its seat and backrest can be seen as main features of the bike in general. The NS-716R model has quite different seat pad than other Marcy recumbent bike: it does not have flat surface but instead, a so-called mould-injected seat. This is an ergonomically design that offers optimal comfort and durability. Personally, I can’t feel very relaxed with this “mould-injected seat” as the following reasons. First, it is not so thick and large enough to hold butt comfortably. Second, although the design is said to improve exercising quality but how can it does with a hard seat pad. I can sit and pedal for about 40 minutes but that’s all, otherwise my butt will get hurt and I could no longer focus on my workout. There is not much problem with the backrest, although there is still a big gap between the seat and backrest, which I need a pillow to place in to prevent hip pain.


The seat and backrest can be fit for user with height of 5ft to 6.1ft. What does affect here is the adjustable seat to slide forward and backward on the frame. It is done by using the adjustment knob located between the pedals and seat pad, on the main frame. It enables 5 different positions, whose length ranges from 31” to 36” (from backrest board to both pedals). So no matter you are 5.1ft or 6ft tall, this bike can all accommodate. However, if you are taller than 6.1ft, you should concern carefully or have a trial session at local store, since your long legs can hit the front post while pedaling.




Regarding pedaling experience, Marcy’s products may get the highest score among recumbent bikes and NS-716R is not an exception. Cycling is so quiet and smooth that you almost forget about the time. Apparently there is no jerky motion or strange sound during exercise. You can get on and get impact on your leg muscle, burn some calories and lose weight. It has safety foot straps to hold user’s feet tightly so they get no worry about slipping off as high tension or speed biking. I often do exercise at 5am and 9pm after dinner everyday in my apartment. Since it is so quiet, it does not disturb my next door neighbors as well as my favorite TV show. Sometimes, I can even hear arthritic knees cracking. How quiet and I love it.


The pedaling impacts on your legs the most, while back stress is reduced to zero with the backrest board. Depending on your exercise that you can pedal forward or backward, it works well with both. As mentioned above, the leg length can be adjusted by using the adjustment knob on the frame. For example, my sister and I have different legs length, we often pre-set the position before every training. It is quick and easy.


There are handlebars to support balance while cycling. The side bars are foam-covered; you need not worry if you often hold the bars to tight since it won’t hurt you with foam. In addition, there is a smaller bar placed under the screen, which is suitable for those interested in forward biking position and want to challenge their upper body workout.




With the light and compact design, this Marcy NS-716R bike is easy to move around your apartment. It only weight 60lbs and together with two wheels underneath, it is not so difficult to raise it up, rolling on wheels after use. Indeed, what really make the difference here is the two wheels, which reduce most of the bike’s weight while rolling on them. After finish exercising, you can move it to any small space for storage, such as room corner, under dining table or even little space between your coach and window. It is super space-saving.


One thing to notice that it is easily moved on most surface: hardwood, tile, berber, flat surfaces; there will be a slight dragging with carpet. For those who have a carpet in their house: make sure you have another space for this bike out of carpet, unless you would leave it there, otherwise you will get more difficulty moving it after exercising.


Maintenance and storage


As like other workout equipments, this bike needs a regular cleaning and maintenance. After daily exercise, I often clean it with soft cloth and a small amount of detergent, mainly the seat, backrest and handle bars. It is just as that simple.

Marcy NS-716R Review

Before deciding to purchase this Marcy model, make sure you have an in-door space to store the bike. Keep it away from place with water such as the kitchen sink since excess moisture and water would cause rust on the frame. All the maintenance and storage instructions are included in the manual.


The bike has 2-year warranty, for both manufacturer defects and normal defects from shipman or delivery, etc.


Pros and Cons




      • No slide while cycling
      • Ergonomically-designed to prevent lower back pain.
      • Resistance works for knee and hip problems
      • Very quiet operation
      • Good packaging
      • Easy assembly
      • Soft, foam-covered handlebars
      • Easy transporation
      • Compact, space-saving design



      • Seat hard, gap at the back by butt
      • Low amount of resistance
      • Cup holder is under expectation


Consumer Reviews and Ratings


The bike get positive review of price-effectiveness, quiet and smooth operation, easy assembly as well as low resistance enough for treatment or recovery process. However, it receives some negative one regarding its too light tension and hard seat. Generally, people evaluate it as a wise investment for a low budget exercise equipment.




Price Marcy NS-716R is considered as reasonable and even better regarding its value to user. Most customers say they are satisfied with the bike quality and its saving price.



Marcy NS-716R Review


Generally speaking, the bike provides more values than it is paid for. Its wide range of capacity fit all kinds of users such as obese, housewives or white-collar people after work. It is a low-impact exercise bike, which is both an advantage to people under recovery treatment, old user and disadvantage to those who want to work hard on their muscle toning. Although it has quite hard seat pad, the general comfort of backrest together with smooth operation make you forget about long hour training. In my opinion, the bike is a wise investment for a budget under $200.

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