FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review
FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike Review – A multifunctional bike for work and workout

Have you ever wish that you had more time to get all your things done? Or that you had more time to enjoy the good things in life? Or that you had more time to exercise to become healthier? If you want to get more out of your day than only writing reports, have a look at FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike. This bike is designed to give you an ability to exercise while working.


Because sitting too long isn’t a good thing, which leads to a lot of problems relating to our health, such as increasing the risk of cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike is really a necessary appliance for you.


About FitDesk


Fitdesk is founded in 2008 by Steve Ferrusi and is headquartered in North Caroline. It’s a young company that provides healthcare equipment, including bike desks, under desk products, tabletop, sit-to-stand and fitness Accessories.


It’s true that Fitdesk doesn’t have many as many experiences as giants in the fitness industry, however, the competitive advantage of Fitdesk is their intuitive design that focuses on giving customers the maximized user experience. Three core values of Fitdesk product are “Add health to Everyday moments”, “Add fitness to any desk”, “Benefit from light exercise” – you can see that they are willing to design small and convenient tools that keep you exercise every day and everywhere, at work, at school and at home, light and easy exercises but benefit your health gradually.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

If you like the intuitive and innovative designs, check out the FitDesk’s products.


Bike type


FitDesk calls this a Desk Exercise Bike. In fact, it is a stationary bike that combines both the advantages of a recumbent bike and an upright bike, as well as the advantages of a foldability, a desk, a massage bar and integrated resistance bands.


They design the pedals forward and the soft seat with a small backrest like a recumbent bike to maximize the comfort and support of your joints and back. They design the handlebar forward like an upright bike and make it X-frame design to save the space and to shape you in a forward posture. The forward posture and a big desktop allow you to work/entertain while exercising. The integrated resistance bands let you practice your arms and upper body.


FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike has all the thing you need to work, entertain and exercise. I’m quite impressed that they design the bike so well. Using this bike, you can improve your cardiovascular health, exercise all parts of your body to get perfectly fit, and practice rehabilitation therapy.




Fitdesk has two options for you to choose – the Fitdesk 2.0 and the Fitdesk 3.0. Basically, Fitdesk 3.0 is the upgraded version of Fitdesk 2.0. I’ll review the Fitdesk 3.0 first and then point out the upgrades from the predecessor.






  • Fitdesk 3.0 is lightweight and compact with the dimensions of 28L x 16W x 45H inches (71.1 x 40.6 x 114.3 centimetres) and the weight of 45 pounds (24.4 kilograms) – it’ll fit all kinds of rooms and apartments. The bike can carry up to 300 lbs and 4’10” to 6’5″ users.


  • Fitdesk 3.0 has the full set of features that can give you the complete convenience, from workout to entertainment.


  • The build quality is good with excellent materials. The bike is solid and will stay firmly and sturdily when you are cycling.


  • The bike is equipped with durable powder coated steel frame construction, padded seat, 3 piece crank system, offering stable, smooth and consistent pedalling feeling, and a quiet operation.


  • The fully adjustable sliding desktop provides a working surface. You can exercise while doing anything, from checking emails, reading books, to skype meeting.


  • A small LCD computer integrated on the desktop can be used for monitor workout statistic.




  • This bike does not come fully assembled. There are only pre-installed components and frame in the box.  So, you will need about 1 hour to assemble it together.


  • The seat is bit uncomfortable, so that you might need a towel/an additional seat cover to make it more comfortable or simply get used to it – it’s not too uncomfortable.


  • The backrest is great to support your back, however, since the pedals and handlebar are forward, you might not able to lean your back on it or not able to grasp the handlebar while exercising if you’re short.


Let’s have a closer look:


Body & Frame


Fitdesk 3.0 look nice in white and black appearance. It has the x-frame design and made of strong steel tubes that are balanced and rigid for stability. Together with two front and rear bars, the sturdy frame will make the bike stand firm without any rocking or the feeling that it might tip you off, letting you focus on your work.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

Front and rear bars are rubber wrapped so that the bike won’t move while you are exercising. However, they don’t have levellers, thus, you need to stand it on a level ground.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

The rear bar have two transport wheels, which makes it easier to relocate the bike. By folding it up, and leaning it on the wheels, even kids can move this 45-pound bike.


Using magnetic resistance mechanism, Fitdesk 3.0 provides you with 8 levels of resistance that can easily adjust using this knob. To increase the tension, turn the knob in a clockwise direction. To decrease the tension, turn the knob in a counterclockwise direction.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review



The seat of Fitdesk 3.0 is large to fit all size of users. It is padded, however, I can’t say it is comfortable but just okay since there is no shock absorption system. If you find seat hard, you can purchase an additional seat cover (i.e Cruiser Gel Seat Cover) or place a towel on it.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

There is a backrest to support your back. As said above if you’re short, you cannot lean your back on it or grasp the handlebar while exercising.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

The seat and backrest are adjustable in height to fit 4’10” to 6′ users. Thanks to that, you can use the bike as a recumbent bike or as an upright bike. If you want to pedal it like a recumbent bike, you need to lower the seat and lift the backrest up. If you want to pedal it like an upright bike, you need to lift the seat up.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review



The handlebar is another special feature on this bike. It’s an armrest with padded and contoured massage rollers for your forearms. It provides support and comfort for anybody height while working on your laptop and helps relieve typing strain.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

The armrest is comfortable, however, in exchange, it is a bit too close that won’t form you in a dynamic posture for hard workouts.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

It also doesn’t come with integrated Hand Pulse Sensors. So the bike lacks the ability to track your heart rate for maintaining target heart rate. It’s quite a big drawback since heart rate is the important information helping you better understand your health and fitness status.




Two large pedals with shallow anti-slip patterns are in front of you, giving you the control for efficient pedalling.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

Fitdesk 3.0 has 3 piece crank system. This high-torque design provides users with a flexible, smooth and consistent pedalling motion.



FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

This is the most worthy feature on this bike. A convenience desktop that allows you to place books, magazines, and laptops on for relaxing or working while exercising. The desktop surface is 16 x 19 inches and has a tablet holder to keep your tablets or smartphone upright for watching videos or using apps.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

Left and right mountable additional surfaces are available to give you more working surface and to hold water bottles.


LCD display


On the desktop, a small LCD display is attached for you to monitor your workout progress. It displays mileage, calories, and time. Tracking your workout progress is a great way to keep you motivated and can achieve fitness goals.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

Resistance bands for arm exercise


Under the seat are convenient resistance bands. You can use it to work your arms and upper body, ensuring a good cardiovascular health.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

By integrated these bands, Fitdesk 3.0 provides you with a full body workout set, which makes this by so unique in comparison to other exercise bikes on the market.


Fitdesk 3.0 vs Fitdesk 2.0


In comparison to  Fitdesk 2.0, the Fitdesk 3.0 has these advantages:


– Fitdesk 3.0 has additional desktop extenders, thus you can use a mouse with the laptop. While Fitdesk 2.0 doesn’t have this function, making it’s inconvenient when you want to play games or design during the workouts. The desk width can be extended twice by these extenders. But unfortunately, you need to pay about $20 for it.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

– The 3.0 has a higher weight capacity than the predecessor – 300 lbs vs 250 lbs. This is a significant change.


– There is a support tube under the saddle of Fitdesk 3.0 to make you lean back for several levels. You can make the 3.0 more recumbent bike than the 2.0 if you feel tired riding an upright bike.


Also, Fitdesk 3.0 has some disadvantages:


– There is a storage drawer under the desktop of Fitdesk 2.0 for convenient storage of small items such as pens, earbuds, music players, and phones. But, they remove it when it comes to the 3.0.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

– Fitdesk 2.0 uses textured pattern anti-slip pedal with safety strap, whereas, 3.0 uses a normal pedal with shallow anti-slip pattern without safety straps.


– The 3.0 costs 30 bucks more than the 2.0.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

FitDesk 2.0


So, you can see that the newer version gives you more options to use the bike, and is also more sturdy. However, it does not have some important features like the previous version – i don’t know why they removed them.


That’s all about the design. Now, Let’s find out how the bike provides you with the exercise experience.


Exercise experience




The great point of this bike is that you’ll get smooth, quiet, comfortable workouts without interrupting your studying/working/entertaining. The sitting posture and the pedalling feeling is good. You can stay all day on the bike and do almost the thing you need.


The bike is designed for convenience, and in fact, it can be considered as the most convenient exercise. However, in the terms of an exercise tool, Fitdesk 3.0 is not so serious and intense.


It can provide you with full body workouts, which are great for your cardiovascular health and for rehabilitation therapy treatment. You will sweat during the workouts, your stamina will improve as well, but it’s not comfortable for you to practice your musculoskeletal strength since the bike doesn’t support spinning-style workouts. Of course, you can increase the resistance tension level but the posture is not suitable for fast pedalling.


One more drawback of Fitdesk 3.0 is that besides the ability to track your workout progress, the console doesn’t provide any interesting preset workout program.


Seating position


FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike has adjustable seat and backrest so that you can use the bike as a recumbent or an upright bike.


If you want to pedal it like a recumbent bike for relaxing or light workouts, you need to lower the seat and lift the backrest up. Sitting on the bike, you will be in a good posture that can support your back, shoulders, knees and ankles. Your back will be backward and leans on the backrest, your legs will be straight to reach the pedals. But there is no handlebar under the seat, which makes the posture little less comfortable than a traditional recumbent bike. Instead, your hands will grasp the front massage bar or put on the desktop to use laptop/tablet/smartphone.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike

If you want to pedal it like an upright bike, you need to lift the seat up. The high seat and forward handlebars will keep your body forward and downward while pedalling, which allows you to put more effort to pedal fast, which is great for weight loss and strength enhancing. But as the pedals are forward and the handlebar with the massage roller is so near, so your posture will not be so dynamic, making the workouts less effective for muscular training.


One big drawback when you use it as an upright bike is that the distance from the seat in a high position and the farthest point that the pedals move to is quite far. Therefore, those have short legs will not able to pedal fast since you have to stretch out your leg to reach that farthest point.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

The seat is hard and there is no shock absorbing system, so it’s quite uncomfortable. You’ll need a pillow or a towel placed on the seat for more comfort.


Overall, the seating position is fine enough despite some drawbacks. And the postures are suitable for light and medium workouts.




To create momentum and resistance, FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike uses a flywheel with a magnetic resistance mechanism. They are the most advanced technology for exercise bike at present and will provide you with a quiet and smooth operation. In your first rotations, it’s quite hard, but after, it will get smoother and easier that makes the pedalling so interesting.


The components of a Magnetic resistance mechanism also have a longer life than other kinds of resistance mechanisms. You don’t have to be worried about replacing them. There are 8 levels of tension resistance, so you can turn the knob to increase or decrease the tension.


Also, The solid frame and sturdy design give you a firm feeling during your workouts. The pedals’ 3-piece crank system operation is rhythmic and supports your ankles. You are assured of a well full-body support so that you won’t have any injuries using this bike.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

In fact, many people with injured knees have used the bike at low resistance level for rehabilitation or general fitness and have got good results. In the harder resistance level, the bike is also good for losing weight. At the hardest level, you can practice your lower muscles as well, especially your thighs and calves – however, this bike is not designed for this kind of workout, so it’ll not so effective.


The upper body resistance bands let you practice your arms and chest. Using it together with pedalling, you’ll get a full body workout to get a decent upper body as well as lower body.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

In addition, thanks to the desktop, you can enjoy music via your tablet/laptop while exercising. Music can not only boost your mood, push your performance, help you keep pace but also can be used for recovery. Or you can set goals for yourself, using this advantage, such as workout until the movie end, or workout while trying to finish work tasks – It will come perfectly with the display.


Noise, Heat and Dust


Noise: The operation of the bike is quite thanks to the good build, the magnetic resistance system, the 3-piece crank, etc. There won’t be annoying noise.


Heat: The bike has a open design that supports air circulation. You’ll be cool during long hour workouts.


Dust: If the bike is dirty, you can easily clean it with a washcloth and clean water.




After the workout, you can fold it up and wheel it to where you want to store it. Its lightweight, foldability and transport wheels are made for this.

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike

Power Requirements


You don’t need to plug this bike into an electrical outlet since it doesn’t use electric power to operate.


However, you will need 2 AAA batteries for the console (included in the package)


Price & Warranty


FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike 3.0  has a good price for such a good quality bike like this.


You can purchase the bike on Amazon: [Link:]


As said above, you need to assemble it yourself as it arrives unassembled. If you don’t want to assemble it yourself, you can pay an additional $70 for an Exercise Bike Assembly Service Package. However, the assembly is really easy since the bike is small and compact. I think you can handle it well.


For more comfortable seat, you can use a towel/pillow to place on the seat, or you might want to purchase:


– Schwinn Cruiser Gel Seat Cover

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

– Imitation Sheepskin Padded Bicycle Seat Cover

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike review

The warranty: According to FitDesk, FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and to be in perfect working order at the time of the original retail purchase. They will repair or replace if FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike show defects within 1 year from the date of purchase in the structural metal frame and/or within 90 days with respect to non-metal frame components. FitDesk will take the responsibility for the repair/replacement cost, and the purchaser will take the responsibility for the shipping cost to return the product to the manufacturer.


That’s the warranty plan of the manufacturer, you can also buy added protection plan from the retailer if you want. However, I think the manufacturer plan is enough.


Rating & Feedback


On, FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike has a high product’s rating. This is the result of thousands of customer reviews that are calculated using an AI model that considers the factors like the age of a review, helpfulness votes by customers and whether the reviews are from verified purchases.


That’s a huge amount of purchaser and a high rating result. As you come to the comment section, you’ll see many positive comments about the quality of FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike.




In conclusion, FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike is a convenient bike that gives you the ability to workout while working or entertaining. It has an affordable price, but provides full body workouts, maximizes your convenience, and is interesting enough to motivate you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By committing to exercise using this bike, surely you can improve your general fitness.


Here is the link to purchase FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike: [Link:]


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